Hello! Summer POP! Students — welcome to Herschel Homework™. We’ve partnered with the AGO so you can celebrate pop art and creativity from the comfort of your own home. Read on to discover weekly challenges, resources, activities and prizes.

Herschel Homework™ Challenges

We’re inviting Summer POP! students to enter a new Herschel Homework™ pop art challenge each week, for the chance to win your own backpack.

How it works -

  1. Read the weekly challenge
  2. Download and print off our template, if using
  3. Complete the pop art challenge
  4. Take a picture of your finished masterpiece
  5. Upload to the contest page with your name and email

Week 1 Challenge: Volume

July 05-08

Build a 3D Herschel Heritage™ backpack using our template below, or design your own 3D backpack from scratch!

Week 2 Challenge: Repetition

July 12-15

The Herschel Little America™, multiplied. Create a repeat print on our most iconic backpack for the chance to win one of your own. Use our template below to get started, or make your own!

Week 3 Challenge: Color

July 19-22

Create a camouflage in your own unexpected colours, inspired by Warhol’s Camouflage Works. Use our template from the Activity Section below, or draw your own!

Week 4 Challenge: Movement

July 26-29

Create a piece of art that represents a piece of movement from your daily journeys — this could be the bike you ride every day, the places you pass on your way to school, the trees blowing in the breeze on the street by your house. Draw, paint, or make it 3D - it’s up to you!

Activity Section
Looking for more Pop Art activities? Download any of these for free →

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Submit your design on Instagram by using #HerschelHomeWork and tag us @herschelsupply.

Enjoy your stay, at home.

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