Where our signature Nova backpack becomes a canvas to celebrate women in the arts.

From roles in leadership to roles as artists, women have been overlooked and underrepresented in the arts.   


We celebrate them by partnering with female artists of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, genders and visual styles to transform the Nova backpack with elements of their work.

The Nova Art Project is designed to champion, uplift and support women in the arts while recognizing the challenges they face when pursuing art careers.

We introduce exclusive transformations of the Nova Backpack with vibrant illustrations by Arty Guava to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Women hold 30% of art director roles at museums with budgets over $15 million, earning 75 cents for every dollar made by a male director.

The Ongoing Gender Gap in Art Museum Directorships, AAMD


Creating Stronger Futures

ArtTable organization logo

We’re proud to partner with ArtTable, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing professional opportunities for women in the arts. With its large membership network and ongoing community initiatives, ArtTable offers support at every career stage.

Through the Nova Art Project, we’re directly funding the journeys of four fellows with ArtTable’s annual fellowship program, which aims to address the need for diversity in arts employment and provides mentorship to women identifying emerging professionals seeking careers in the visual arts field.

Since 2000, 110 fellows have moved on to arts leadership roles.

A crowd of people in a gallery looking at 4 pieces of Miriam Shapiro's art hanging on the wall.
A crowd of people in a gallery looking at 4 pieces of Miriam Shapiro's art hanging on the wall.

Art That Uplifts the Spirit.

The Nova Art Project

Arty Guava

Arty Guava is a Malaysian-born artist and graphic designer based in Vancouver, BC. She celebrates the beauty of life’s moments with illustrations that capture joyful scenes, inspired by her upbringing in Penang and the world around her.

A Universe of Emotions

Henn Kim

Henn Kim draws on personal experiences to create her signature black and white illustrations. In her surrealist approach, she blends fantasy with reality, creating artwork that touches on themes of love, heartbreak, dreams, loneliness and more.

Unapologetically Feminine

Miriam Schapiro  

Miriam Schapiro devoted her life to helping women discover their identities as artists. With artwork that spans painting, printmaking and sculpting, she uses vibrant colors, patterns and hyperfeminine visuals to represent women’s work in the domestic space.