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Art That Speaks to the Soul

“Within the monotonous, she raises entire worlds.”

Step into her world. Henn Kim is a South Korean artist, known for her surrealist approach to black and white illustrations.

She blends elements of fantasy and reality, empowering viewers to think and feel deeply about shared human experiences. Using a minimalistic and poetic art style, her creations spark emotions that speak to the soul.

A black and white photo of artist Henn Kim's side profile.
A black and white photo of artist Henn Kim's side profile.

The Nova backpack continues to become a canvas for celebrating women in the arts with two illustrations in Henn Kim’s signature style, The New Moon and We Are Stars. Learn more about the Nova Art Project here.

The New Moon, 2020

Illuminate every journey.


Henn Kim is inspired by the childlike wonder of being followed by the moon, viewing it as a symbol of serenity, healing, time and transformation.

Henn Kim New Moon logo

“If I carry the moon within my backpack, it will always be behind me, illuminating me just like it did when I was a child.”

— Henn Kim

We Are Stars, 2019

We are one in the same universe.


A metaphor for shared experiences of loneliness. Henn Kim sends a message of courage to viewers, reminding them that everyone shines and moves within their own orbit.

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“Regardless of size and brightness, we are all stars.”

— Henn Kim

Henn Kim New Moon logo

"My emotions are like a big wave in the ocean and every day I concentrate on the height of that wave and try to capture the feelings from there in my artwork."

— Henn Kim, the BBC

First launching with vibrant works of art by feminist pioneer Miriam Schapiro, the Nova Art Project celebrates the talent of women in the arts. Discover more here.

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Nova Mid

Shop the Look (2)

Nova Mid

Discover more about Henn Kim and her artwork here.
Follow Henn Kim’s creative process on Instagram @henn_kim.

The Nova Art Project
Unapologetically Feminine

Miriam Schapiro  

Miriam Schapiro devoted her life to helping women discover their identities as artists. With artwork that spans painting, printmaking and sculpting, she uses vibrant colors, patterns and hyperfeminine visuals to represent women’s work in the domestic space.

A Universe of Emotions

Henn Kim

Henn Kim draws on personal experiences to create her signature black and white illustrations. In her surrealist approach, she blends fantasy with reality, creating artwork that touches on themes of love, heartbreak, dreams, loneliness and more.

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Coming Spring 2023

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